There are no public workshops scheduled at the moment but please contact individual artists to organise a private workshops.

The artists of Monster Mouse continually host public and private workshops to help foster emerging art practices.

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Make your own glasses

An opportunity to learn how to make your own pair of glasses frames.  Each person in the class will have the opportunity to make a pair of glasses or sunglasses frames from scratch. Using a jewellers saw, files, sandpaper and some creativity you will get to pick shape and make your very own pair of frames. Everybody gets to choose from 12 different coloured plastics for the front of your glasses, the shape and the colour of the metal sides. The class runs for 4 hours where at the end, you will have a pair of frames ready to have your prescription or sunglass lenses fitted! If you are interested in finding out what it takes to make your own pair of glasses or sunglasses.

Instructor: Chris

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Silk Colouring Workshop

This class will introduce you to the magical world of creating colourful starburst designs on silk. The art of silk dyeing with salt is fun, quick and easy to do. Each participant will receive a white Habotai silk scarf with rolled hems, measuring 45cm x 45cm. You will leave with a custom made completed artwork design on your scarf.  This workshop is ideal for anyone who would like to learn a new skill where beautiful, mesmerising patterns appear before your eyes. This is a truly unique experience you will thoroughly enjoy. Each piece turns out with organic designs in your favourite colours.

Instructor: Vanessa

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Life Drawing and Repeat Pattern Design Class

A life drawing class with a twist! Draw a live model, and then learn how to create a super cute repeat textile pattern from your drawings! For Sydney Craft week, I’ll be conducting a number of life drawing sessions with twist! We’ll start by drawing the model in various poses – encouraging the quietening of your inner critic along the way and keeping it expressive and enjoyable. You’ll then learn how to turn these drawings into a super cute repeat textile print in your own style using only paper, sticky tape, scissors and a scanner. This fun lighthearted class is a celebration of body positivity and female strength.  I’ll provide a glass of red or white wine and some light snacks, good vibes, paper and all drawing material required for the class.

Instructor: Emily

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Introductory Kintsugi Art Workshop

A step by step hands on class of Japanese Modern Kintsugi – golden joinery and create your original art piece. Kintsugi – the golden ceramic joinery workshop for Sydney Craft Week is tailored to learn the ancient Japanese art and craft whilst experiencing therapeutic moment to contemplate value of time. In this three hour workshop you will learn the essential skills and process of Kintsugi art of ceramic restoration. In the class we will following the Modern Kintsugi method which allows us to complete the process. The process includes the repair of damaged pieces and preparation of the foundation, then a decorative finish with Japanese lacquer and gold (brass) powder.  Upon completion you will take home a Kintsugi art piece you create.

Instructor: Yoko + Chizuru

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Screen Printing Workshop

Learn how to screen-print your own designs (or a studio design) from exposing screens with photo emulsion and a light box to printing then stripping the screens. Screen printing allows you to replicate a visual design across surfaces (e.g. fabric). Plenty of room for experimentation. Each participant shall receive an item to print; e.g. a t-shirt, tea towel or tote bag. There will be swatch fabric and textured papers to develop your skills on too. 

Instructor: Carizza

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Shibori Dyeing Workshop

Learn the ancient Japanese art of Shibori dyeing. Manipulate fabrics with tiles, clamps and an array of folding, stitching and tying techniques to achieve unique aesthetics. Be amazed as indigo vat dyed pieces oxidise before your eyes and turn from green to blue, as we apply a natural indigo dye. All students will take away with them a range of dyed samples, as well as an item of their choosing each out of a T-shirt, tote bag or tea towel – something to treasure for years to come. Beginners welcome. Fun and relaxed environment. Great gift idea for creative folks!

Instructor: Carizza

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Create Your Own Yarn Workshop

Hand-spinning is an ancient textile craft, practiced for thousands of years using the most simple tools. Predating the spinning wheel, spindles give twist and strength to fibers for all sorts of purposes. From simple lace thread to strong cord, this practice has roots across the world. Working on a skein of yarn over several sessions, I can look back the finished piece and take note of how the momentary experience has impacted qualities of the yarn. The tension in the drafting, the twist of the fibres. These all form the story of the finished piece. Together we’ll indulge in the experience creating woolly handspun skeins with their own unique shape and story.

Instructor: Erica

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Mindful Painting

Do you have an object that you just can’t part with?  It might be that thing sitting on the top shelf, the back of the cupboard, by the front door, or in a box under your bed. You may value this thing greatly. Or, perhaps you can’t stand to look at this item… but nor can you throw it out. During this creative event, we will be considering the connection we have to different objects in our lives. Please come with one or two objects, that have personal significance to you. Together we will explore the connections we have to these items, and spend time in the experience of mindful painting, creating our own personal still life works.  This creative experience is suitable for all levels of painters.

Instructor: John

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