Band Rehearsal

Booking Calander


$10 per hour Ground Floor

$12.50 per Top Floor


From 5pm to 8pm for 3 hours  ($30 Ground, $37.50 Top)
From 8pm to 11pm for 3 hours  ($45 Ground, $50 Top)**

From 7am to 5pm by the hour  ($10/h Ground, $12.50/h Top)
**From 11pm to 12am for an hour  ($10/h Ground, $12.50/h Top)


The Top Floor at Small Shows rehearsals has now opened.

It includes the following features:
30square metre room
Drum Kit
1000w PA system with up to four mics
Bass Cab
Guitar Cab (two)

The Ground Floor will also have the following changes:

Amps will no longer be provided. Cabs only – prices reduced!
1000w PA with two mics
New microphones
Bass Cab
Guitar cab (One)
Additional amps and cabs available upon request. $5 extra per item.