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The Print Room


Carizza is a Sydney based artist originally from regional NSW. She studied textile design at the Eastern Sydney Institute of Technology. Instead of being disheartened by the move of hand printing to digital forms she opened her own studio- The Printroom. Carizza has been facilitating open to the public DIY screen-printing studios for the past 9 years across independent community driven shared creative spaces such as Anyplace Projects, Blackwire Records and currently Monster Mouse Studios in the industrial landscape of Marrickville. In the studio Carizza teaches screen printing and shibori dyeing workshops and spends time on her own creative practice. Her designs are printed using eco friendly water based inks on linen and cotton/linen tea towels, calico tote bags and 100% recycled seed card. The silk scarves are hand dyed with natural indigo. Crotchet coaster sets were lovingly crafted by her mum Evelyn using recycled materials.

Square & Round


Aydin H

Aydin Was Here

Aydin H

Aydin Huseyin's gender neutral graduate collection was inspired by the dynamic energetic gestures found in the works of the great expressionist artists Jackson Pollock, Robert Motherwell, Franz Kline, & Conrad Marca-Relli. Studying the artists processes, Aydin developed prints and details in his collection by adopting the same techniques used by these greats.

Feeling frustrated by the over digitised and automation of the Australian fashion industry, Aydin went on the develop his print concepts without the aid of digital software and used the misregistrations in the experimental hand printed screen prints as features in the garments representing the importance of the valuing handwork of artisans and makers. The collection was also heavily inspired by Aydin’s passion for traditional tailoring, sportswear and the urban streets of the Inner West where he lives.




MELLOW MELLOW was born out of a longing for a rare hybrid of elegance and psychedelia in the fashion scene.

Our pieces are lovingly hand made in Sydney, Australia with The Velvet Underground on the spin, a whiskey in one hand and a little help from some of our other friends 😉 we want to share our pieces with like minded people so they can express their freaky, cool selves with us!


Laura Butler

Mennt is a design studio operating out of a small Sydney studio. Mennt’s products are designed and made by Laura Butler with creative direction from her partner Aman Braich. Mennt has an uncompromising focus on high quality materials. We believe in creating products that will last a lifetime with continual love and use.
We believe that high quality design should be available to everyone, not just the 1%. In order to create a more affordable product, we reimagined our entire approach to create a more productive and streamlined process. Mennt is minimalist in its approach to design; we strip our products down to only the necessary elements and focus on the rituals of everyday life. Mennt is designed with longevity in mind. Our clay is sourced sustainably from Victoria and we recycle as part of our daily practice in the studio. We design and create refined objects that will not only last a lifetime, but will polish with age.



Vanessa is a designer who has worked for various fashion labels locally and internationally. Her fashion journey has taken her on worldwide adventures to create, learn and produce accessories. Those experiences include leather handbags, resin jewellery and most recently silk dyeing scarves.

Peter Austin


I blew into Sydney in 2014 after leaving school, where i first developed an interest in the arts. I've worked in many mediums including painting, printmaking and photography amongst others. I am a published artist whose work has been part of exhibitions in Australia and overseas. I sell clothing, prints, zines and stickers under nonverbal.

Chris Savage


Chris Savage is a designer based in the inner west of Sydney whose passion is the design and creation of bespoke eyewear. He is also highly committed to the repurposing of materials, and uses as many recycled materials he can whilst still maintaining the high quality look and feel of his unique eyewear. Chris has always been a hands on and innovative person. From a child he and his grandfather handmade timber toys, often with used materials. This instilled in Chris that the value of materials is not necessary over once their original purpose was complete. This was further reinforced travelling to many developing countries with his family and observing how innovative and resourceful people are due to necessity.


Spoken Workshop


Practical Bicycle Maintenance Tutorials * Servicing & Repairs By Appointment


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Drawings, ceramics, other shtuff



Foot Pain, Posture & Biomechanical Issues


Art Director, Costume and Wardrobe



PHD candidate, Artist / Creative