Monster Mice Collective

The Print Room


Carizza is a Sydney based artist originally from regional NSW. She studied textile design at the Eastern Sydney Institute of Technology. Instead of being disheartened by the move of hand printing to digital forms she opened her own studio- The Printroom. Carizza has been facilitating open to the public DIY screen-printing studios for the past 9 years across independent community driven shared creative spaces such as Anyplace Projects, Blackwire Records and currently Monster Mouse Studios in the industrial landscape of Marrickville. In the studio Carizza teaches screen printing and shibori dyeing workshops and spends time on her own creative practice. Her designs are printed using eco friendly water based inks on linen and cotton/linen tea towels, calico tote bags and 100% recycled seed card. The silk scarves are hand dyed with natural indigo. Crotchet coaster sets were lovingly crafted by her mum Evelyn using recycled materials.

Square & Round


Sydney based designer and hands on creator of the Square+Round Wash Basin. My works combine elements of handcraft and material technology, an approach which reflects my cross-cultural experience and background ”Unity of Opposites” Wabi & Sabi aesthetic, mathematical perfection, boldness and elegance, tradition and innovation, streamlines and curves….. Square and Round. I have studied interior design in London and explored the world extensively in the 90’s which gave me all the inspiration to put my works together. Currently working in an art studio in inner west Sydney.



John (aka pitok) is a Sydney based artist, designer, creator, who creates works using acrylic gouache, a bright lurid medium of pure pigment. It’s fast drying and colours can easily be layered. It forces you move quickly and not labour too long with your art making. By day John stares at a computer screen and pushes pixels around. Painting is analogue and fuzzy, there is no undo button. He draws diverse inspiration from geek culture, abstract and pop Australiana as well as classic and contemporary Japanese art making.

Jungle Spun


Erica is a Sydney-based artist drawn to textile manipulation art-making practices. She has studied a range of arts and textile practices through the University of Technology Sydney, the College of Fine Arts and through the mentorship of various practitioners.



Oomami is a pleasant savoury taste, sustainable textiles and gifts designed by Emily Hatton. Emily is an inner west based textile designer with a passion for sustainability, prints and silly sketches. All Oomami products are hand printed by Emily, and recycled materials are used as much as possible.



Hataoto means the sound of looming machine - comforting and nostalgic. I weave in the West coast of Japan, town called Niigata, in a little studio set in our family house where I also teaches and give workshops. Materials used were sourced from many regions in Japan and worldwide where I have visited, Australia, U.K., Morocco, etc. Some of the yarns were dyed with plants to create specific colours. Other products I make are tapestry, Noren curtains, table mats, rugs, which can be customized.